About Scoreboard 116

This site is dedicated to democracy in the United States of America. In that service, we present the actual legislation, in both full text (when available) and in synopsis form as objectively as we can that has come up before the current (116th) Congress for vote in one or both houses, and what the results have been.

So Who Are We?

To be clear and up-front, we are NOT an unbiased group of concerned citizens. While we consider ourselves to be a “left-leaning” group, we like to think that we are well-versed in government and extremely honest.

For those who may want to think that we are “just another bunch of ‘radical left liberals’ that are decidedly against the current President”, all we can ask is that you allow yourself to read what we say with an open mind. In addition, we welcome and will publish well-written, fact-based “op-ed” (Opinion Editorial) pieces representing all views.

What is our goal?

Our primary goal is to make our readers aware of what is really going on within the legislative branch of our government. It is our opinion that there is much mistrust in Congress, some of which is because of actual dysfunction, and some of which is because we are all too often too busy to become very well informed.

In reality, despite much of the reporting on all media platforms, it is not true that the only thing that is rampant are committee hearings, closed-door meetings, and nothing of meaning is being done. Actually, there is a lot of legislation behind proposed, written, sometimes brought up for votes, and passed in one house or the other. We leave it to our readers to judge why not much major work is completed. We will, however, make it clear what our opinion is within the context of Staff Opinion articles.

Our Policies

  1. We will not tolerate any “hate” speech.
  2. We will not publish any articles that, as best can be determined, contain any clear and deliberate disinformation.
  3. We do not allow open comments and discourses on articles so as to avoid the typical negative energy from personal attacks that would be inevitable.
  4. We will accept completed Op-Ed articles for review by our staff before publishing. Such articles should be limited to 1-10 paragraphs, for security purposes must not contain any outside links, can be on any related topic, and may supply one to three JPG images that must be “tasteful” as judged by our staff. No “memes” will be accepted. NOTE: All articles must be relevant to the 116th Congress and/or the upcoming 2020 election.